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50. Antireflective grassy surface on glass substrates with self-masked dry etching

Y. M. Song, G. C. Park, E. K. Kang, C. I. Yeo, and Y. T. Lee*

Nanoscale Res. Lett. 8, 505 (2013).



49. Antireflective silicon nanostructures with hydrophobicity by metal-assisted chemical etching for solar cell applications

C. I. Yeo, J. B. Kim, Y. M. Song, and Y. T. Lee*

Nanoscale Res. Lett. 8, 159 (2013).



48. Biomimetic artificial Si compound eye surface structures with broadband and wide-angle antireflection properties for Si-based optoelectronic applications

J. W. Leem, Y. M. Song, and J. S. Yu*

Nanoscale 5, 10455 (2013).



47. Optimal design of nano-scale surface light trapping structures for enhancing light absorption in thin film photovoltaics

C. I. Yeo, Y. M. Song, S. J. Jang, and Y. T. Lee*

J. Appl. Phys. 114, 024305 (2013).



46. Increased light extraction from GaN light-emitting diodes by SiNx compound eyes

E. K. Kang, Y. M. Song, S. J. Jang, C. I. Yeo, and Y. T. Lee*

IEEE Photon. Technol. Lett. 25, 1118 (2013).



45. Digital cameras with designs inspired by the Arthropod eye

Y. M. Song+, Y. Xie+, V. Malyarchuk+, J. Xiao+, I. Jung, K.-J. Choi, Z. Liu, H. Park, C. Lu, R.-H. Kim, R. Li, K. B. Crozier, Y. Huang, and J. A. Rogers*


Nature 497, 95 (2013). (JCR 3%)

[Highlighted in BBC, NPR, USA today, IEEE Spectrum, etc.]



44. Injectable, cellular-scale optoelectronics with applications for wireless optogenetics

T.-I. Kim+, J. G. McCall+, Y. H. Jung+, X. Huang, E. R. Siuda, Y. Li, Y. M. Song, H. A. Pao, C. Lu, S. D. Lee, I. S. Song, G. C. Shin, M. P. Tan, Y. Huang, F. G. Omenetto, J. A. Rogers*, and M. R. Bruchas*

Science 340, 211 (2013). (JCR 3%)

[Highlighted in BBC, IEEE Spectrum, MIT technology review, etc.]


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