55. Multifunctional Skin-Like Electronics for Quantitative, Clinical Monitoring of Cutaneous Wound Healing

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54. Bimetallic non-alloyed NPs for improving the broadband optical absorption of thin amorphous silicon substrates

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53. Rugged and breathable forms of stretchable electronics with adherent composite substrates for transcutaneous monitoring

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52. Efficiency Enhancement of III-V Triple-Junction Solar Cell Using Nanostructured Bifunctional Coverglass With Enhanced Transmittance and Self-Cleaning Property

C.I. Yeo, E.K. Kang, S.K. Lee, Y.M. Song, Y.T. Lee

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51. Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Serpentine Microstructures Bonded To Prestrained Elastomers for Stretchable Electronics

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