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84. Human eye-inspired soft optoelectronic device using high-density MoS2-graphene curved image sensor array

C. S Choi+, M. K. Choi+, S. Y. Liu+, M. S. Kim, O. K. Park , C. K. Im, J. M. Kim, X. L. Qin, G. J. Lee, K. W. Cho, M. B. Kim, E. H. Joh, J. H. Lee, D. H. Son, S. H. Kwon, N. L. Jeon, Y. M. Song, N. S. Lu*, and D. H. Kim*

Nat. Commun. 8, 1664 (2017). (JCR 10%)



83. Optical Design of Porous ZnO/TiO2 Films for Highly Transparent Glasses with Broadband Ultraviolet Protection

H. S. Song+, Y. J. Yoo+, G. J. Lee , K. S. Chang, and Y. M. Song*

J. Nanomater. 2738015, 8 (2017).



82. Fabrication of Ultra-thin Color Films with Highly Absorbing Media Using Oblique Angle Deposition

Y. J. Yoo , G. J. Lee , K. I. Jang*, and Y. M. Song*

J. Vis. Exp. 126, e56383 (2017).



81. Parametric Optimization of Lateral NIPIN Phototransistors for Flexible Image Sensors

M. S. Kim+ , G. J. Lee+ , H. M. Kim, and Y. M. Song

Sensors 17, 1774 (2017).



80. Self-assembled three dimensional network designs for soft electronics

K. I. Jang+, K. Li+, H. U. Chung+, S. Xu, H. N. Jung, Y. Yang, J. W. Kwak, H. H. Jung, J. Song, C. Yang, A. Wang, Z. Liu, J. Y. Lee, B. H. Kim, J. H. Kim, J. Y. Lee, Y. J. Yu, B. J. Kim, H. K. Jang, K. J. Yu, J. H. Kim, J. W. Lee, J. W. Jeong, Y. M. Song, Y. Huang*, Y. Zhang*, and J. A. Rogers*

Nat. Commun. 8, 15894 (2017). (JCR 10%)



79. Recent advances in imaging systems and photonic nanostructures inspired by insect eye geometry

G. J. Lee, Y. J. Yoo, and Y. M. Song*

Appl. Spectrosc. Rev. 1 (2017). (JCR 10%)



78. Robustness of an artificially tailored fisheye imaging system with a curvilinear image surface

G. J. Lee, W. I. Nam, and Y. M. Song*

Opt. Laser. Technol. 96, 50 (2017).



77. Dry Transient Electronic Systems by Use of Materials that Sublime

B. H. Kim+, J. H. Kim+, L. Persano+, S. W. Hwang+, S. M. Lee, J. Y. Lee, Y. J. Yu, Y. S. Kang, S. M. Won, J.H. Koo, Y. K. Cho, G. Hur, A. Banks, J. K. Song, P. Won, Y. M. Song, K. I. Jang, D. S. Kang, C. H. Lee, D. Pisignano, and J. A. Rogers

Adv. Funct. Mater. 27, 1606008 (2017). (JCR 5%)



76. Wearable Force Touch Sensor Array Using a Flexible and Transparent Electrode

J. K. Song+, D. H. Son+, J. Kim+, Y. J. Yoo, G. J. Lee, L. Wang, M. K. Choi, J. W. Yang, M. C. Lee, K. S. Do, J. H. Koo, N. Lu, J. H. Kim, T. H. Hyeon, Y. M. Song*, and D. H. Kim*

Adv. Funct. Mater. 27, 1605286 (2017). (JCR 3%)



75. Ultra-thin films with highly absorbent porous media fine-tunable for coloration and enhanced color purity

Y. J. Yoo, J. H. Lim, G. J. Lee, K.-I. Jang, and Y. M .Song*

Nanoscale 9, 2986 (2017).



74. Super-Antireflective Structure Films with Precisely Controlled Refractive Index Profile

K. W. Choi, Y. W. Yoon, J. H. Jung, C. W. Ahn, G. J. Lee, Y. M .Song, M. J. Ko, H. S. Lee, B. S. Kim*, and I.-S. Kang*

Adv. Opt. Mater. 5, 1600616 (2017). (JCR 10%)


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