104. Design of Microdisk-Shaped Ge on Si Photodetector with Recess Structure for Refractive-Index Sensing

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103. Mechanically robust antireflective moth-eye structures with a tailored coating of dielectric materials

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101. Enhanced light harvesting in photovoltaic devices using an edge-located one-dimensional grating polydimethylsiloxane membrane.

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100. Implantation of electronic visual prosthesis for blindness restoration

J. Jang, H. Kim, Y. M. Song, and J.-U. Park

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99. The Facile Implementation of Soft/Tunable Multiband Optical Filters by Stacking Vertical Silicon Nanowire Arrays for Smart Sensing

G. J. Lee, Y. J. Kim, H. S. Song, D. E. Yoo, D.-W. Lee, I.-S. Kang, and Y. M. Song

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98. Standard red green blue (sRGB) color representation with a tailored dual-resonance mode in metal/dielectric stacks

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97. Double-Sided Anti-Reflection Nanostructures on Optical Convex Lenses for Imaging Applications

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96. Mapping the Structural, Electrical, and Optical Properties of Hydrothermally Grown Phosphorus-doped ZnO Nanorods for Optoelectronic Device Applications

V. Siva, K. W. Park, M. S. Kim, Y. J. Kim, G. J. Lee, M. J. Kim and  Y. M. Song

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95. Enlarged Color Gamut Representation Enabled by Transferable Silicon Nanowire Arrays on Metal−Insulator−Metal Films

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94. Reflective color filter with precise control of the color coordinate achieved by stacking silicon nanowire arrays onto ultrathin optical coatings

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93. Large area fabrication of engineered microlens array with low sag height for light-field imaging

H. M. Kim, M. S. Kim, G. J. Lee, Y. J. Yoo and Y. M. Song

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