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125. High-Identical Numerical Aperture, Multifocal Microlens Array through Single-Step Multi-Sized Hole Patterning Photolithography

J. H. Lee, S. Chang, M. S. Kim, Y. J .Kim, H. M. Kim, and Y. M. Song*

Micromachines 11, 1068 (2020).



124. Curved neuromorphic image sensor array using a MoS2-organic heterostructure inspired by the human visual recognition system

C. Choi+, J. Leem+, M. S. Kim+, A. Taqieddin, C. Cho, K. W. Cho, G. J. Lee, H. Seung, H. J. Bae, Y. M. Song, T. Hyeon, N. R. Aluru, S. Nam*, and D.-H. Kim*

Nat. Commun. 11, 5934 (2020). (JCR 10%)



123. Spectrally and Spatially Selective Emitters Using Polymer Hybrid Spoof Plasmonics

G. J. Lee+, D. H. Kim+, S.-Y. Heo and Y. M. Song*

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 12, 53206-53214 (2020).



122. Nanoporous GaN/n-type GaN: a cathode structure for ITO-free perovskite solar cells

K. J. Lee+, J.-W. Min+, B. Turedi, A. Y. Alsalloum, J.-H. Min, Y. J. Kim, Y. J. Yoo, S. Oh, N. Cho, R. C. Subedi, S. Mitra, S. E. Yoon, J. H. Kim, K. Park, T.-H. Chung, S. H. Jung, J.-H. Baek, Y. M. Song, I. S. Roqan, T. K. Ng, B. S. Ooi*, and O. M. Bakr*

ACS Energy Lett. 5, 3295−3303 (2020). (JCR 2%)



121. A Janus Emitter for Passive Heat Release from Enclosures

S.-Y. Heo+, G. J. Lee+, D. H. Kim, Y. J. Kim, S. Ishii, M. S. Kim, T. J. Seok, B. J. Lee, H. Lee, and Y. M. Song*

Sci. Adv. 6, eabb1906 (2020). (JCR 7%)



120. Recent Advances in Vertically Aligned Nanowires for Photonics Applications

S. Chang, G. J. Lee, and Y. M. Song*

Micromachines 11, 726 (2020).



119. Large-Area Virus Coated Ultra-Thin Colorimetric Sensors with a Highly Lossy Resonant Promoter for Enhanced Chromaticity

Y. J. Yoo+, W.-G. Kim+, J. H. Ko+, Y. J. Kim, Y. Lee, S. G. Stanciu, J.-M. Lee, S. Kim, J.-W. Oh*, and Y. M. Song*

Adv. Sci. 2000978 (2020). (JCR 7%)



118. Dual Mode Colorimetric Sensor Based on Ultra-Thin Resonating Facilitator Capable of Nanometer-Thick Virus Detection for Environment Monitoring

Y. J. Yoo+, J. H. Ko+, W.-G. Kim+, Y. J. Kim, D.-J. Kong, S. Kim, J.-W. Oh*, and Y. M. Song*

ACS Appl. Nano. Mater. 3, 6636 (2020).



117. An Aquatic Vision Inspired Camera based on a Monocentric Lens and a Silicon Nanorod Photodiode Array

M. S. Kim+, G. J. Lee+, C. Choi+, M. S. Kim+, M. Lee, S. Liu, K. W. Cho, H. M. Kim, H. Cho, M. K. Choi, N. Lu, Y. M. Song*, and D. H. Kim*

Nat. Electron. 3, 546, (2020). (JCR 1%)



116. Selective and Sensitive Photon Sieve Based on III-V Semiconductor Nanowire Forest Fabricated by Lithography-free Process

G. J. Lee+, K. Park+, M. S. Kim, S. Chang, T. J. Seok, H.-G. Park, G. Ju, K, Kim, and Y. M. Song*

Adv. Opt. Mater. 2000198 (2020). (JCR 7%)



115. 3D super-resolved imaging in live cells using sub-diffractive plasmonic localization of hybrid nanopillar arrays

S. Kim, H. Song, H. Ahn, S. W. Jun, S. Kim, Y. M. Song, S. Y. Yang, C.-S. Kim, and K. Kim*

Nanophotonics 1(ahead-of-print), (2020) (JCR 10%)



114. Dopant-free, amorphous-crystalline heterophase SnO2 electron transport bilayer enables >20% efficiency in triple-cation perovskite solar cells

H. B. Lee, N. Kumar, M. M. Ovhal, Y. J. Kim, Y. M. Song, and J. W. Kang*

Adv. Funct. Mater. 2001559 (2020). (JCR 5%)



113. Large-area grain-boundary-free copper films for plasmonics

S. H. Chew, A. Gliserin, S. Choi, X. T. Geng, S. Kim, W. Hwang, K. Baek, N. D. Anh, Y.-J. Kim, Y. M. Song, D. E. Kim, S.-Y. Jeong*,and S. Kim*

Appl. Sur. Sci. 521 (2020). (JCR 5%)



112. Mechanotunable optical filters based on stretchable silicon nanowire arrays

Y. J. Kim+, Y. J. Yoo+, M. H. Kang, J. H. Ko, M. R. Park, D. E. Yoo, D. W. Lee, K. Kim, I. -S. Kang*, and Y. M. Song*

Nanophotonics 9, 3287 (2020). (JCR 10%)



111. Miniaturized 3D Depth Sensing-Based Smartphone Light Field Camera

H. M. Kim+, M. S. Kim+, G. J. Lee, H. J. Jang, and Y. M. Song*

Sensors 20, 2129 (2020).



110. Design and Fabrication of Microscale,Thin‐Film Silicon Solid Immersion Lensesfor Mid‐Infrared Application

G. J. Lee+, H. M. Kim+, and Y. M. Song*

Micromachines 11, 250 (2020).



109. Edible unclonable functions

J. W. Leem, M. S. Kim, S. H. Choi, S. R. Kim, S. W. Kim, Y. M. Song, R. J. Young, and Y. L. Kim* 

Nat. Commun. 11, 328 (2020). (JCR 10%)



108. Characterization of Nanomaterials by Locally Determining their Complex Permittivity with Scattering-Type Scanning Near Field Optical Microscopy

S. G. Stanciu*, D. E. Tranca, L. Pastorino*, S. Boi, Y. M. Song*, Y. J. Yoo, S. Ishii*, R. Hristu, F. Yang, G. Bussetti, and G. A. Stanciu

ACS Appl. Nano Mater. 3, 2 (2020).



107. Comparison of Fabrication Methods Based on Nanoimprinting Lithography for Plasmonic Color Filter Fabrication

H. Song, W. -K. Lee, J. Lee, S. -H. Lee, Y. M. Song, K. Kim*, and J. -H. Choi*

Plasmonics 1,8 (2020).



106. Flexible, Large‐Area Covert Polarization Display Based on Ultrathin Lossy Nanocolumns on a Metal Film

J. H. Ko+, Y. J. Yoo+, Y. J. Kim, S.-S. Lee, and Y. M. Song*

Adv. Funct. Mater. 1908592 (2020). (JCR 5%)



105. Bio-inspired and bio-integrated photonic materials and devices: feature issue introduction

X. Sheng*, L. Gao, Y. M. Song, H. Tao, and S. -H. Yun

Opt. Mater. Express 10, 1 (2020). 


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