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157. Humidity-Responsive RGB-Pixels via Swelling of 3DNanoimprinted Polyvinyl Alcohol

B. Ko+, J. Kim+, Y. Yang+, T. Badloe, J. Park, J. H. Ko, M. Jeong, H. Kang, C. Jung, Y. M. Song, and J. Rho*

Adv. Sci. 10, 2204469 (2022) (JCR 5%)


156. fig1.PNG

156. "Double-punch" strategy against triple-negative breast cancer via a synergistic therapy of magneto-mechanical force enhancing NIR-II hypothermal ablation

H. Du+, F. Yang+*, C. Yao, W. Lv, Hao. Peng, S. G. Stanciu, H. A. Stenmark, Y. M. Song, B. Jiang, and A. Wu*

Biomaterials 291, 121868 (2022) (JCR 5%)


155. Lithography-Free, Large-Area Spatially Segmented Disordered Structure for Light Harve

155. Lithography-Free, Large-Area Spatially Segmented Disordered Structure for Light Harvesting in Photovoltaic Modules

J. H. Ko+, S. H. Kim+, M. S. Kim, S. -Y. Heo, Y. J. Yoo, Y. J. Kim, H. Lee, and Y. M. Song*

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 14, 44419 (2022)


154. Self-assembly of POSS−Polystyrene Bottlebrush Block Copolymers.png

154. Self-assembly of POSS−Polystyrene Bottlebrush Block Copolymers on an Angle-Robust Selective Absorber for Enhancing the Purity of Reflective Structural Color

Y. -G. Yu+, J. H. Ko+. J. H. An, B. -G. Kang*, Y. M. Song*, and J. -S. Lee*

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 14, 44753 (2022)


153. Compact zooming optica lsystems for panoramic and telescopic applications based on cu

153. Compact zooming optical systems for panoramic and telescopic applications based on curved image sensor

D. H. Kim, G. J. Lee*, and Y. M. Song*

J. Opt. Microsyst. 2, 031204 (2022)



152. An amphibious artificial vision system with a panoramic visual field

M. Lee+, G. J. Lee+, H. J. Jang+, E. Joh, H. Cho, M. S. Kim, H. M. Kim, K. M. Kang, J. H. Lee, M. Kim, H. Jang, J.-E. Yeo, F. Durand, N. Lu, D.-H. Kim*, and Y. M. Song*

Nat. Electron. 5, 452 (2022) (JCR 1 %)


151.Nature Nano.PNG

151. Stretchable colour-sensitive quantum dot nanocomposites for shape-tunable multiplexed phototransistor arrays

J. -K. Song+, J. Kim+, J. Yoon+, J. H, Koo+, H. Jung, K. Kang, S. -H. Sunwoo, S. Yoo, H. Chang, J. Jo, W. Baek, S. Lee, M. Lee, H. J. Kim, M. Shin, Y. J. Yoo, Y. M. Song, T. Hyeon*, D. -H. Kim*, and D. Son*

Nat. Nanotechnol. 17, 849 (2022) (JCR 2 %)



150. A review of tunable photonics: Optically active materials and applications from visible to terahertz

J. H. Ko+, Y. J. Yoo+, Y. Lee, H. -H. Jeong*, and Y. M. Song*

iScience 25, 104727 (2022)



149. Heat-shedding with photonic structures: radiative cooling and its potentials

S. -Y. Heo, G. J. Lee*, Y. M. Song*

J. Mater. Chem. C. Advance Article 10, 9915 (2022)



148. Self-Cooling Gallium-Based Transformative Electronics with a Radiative Cooler for Reliable Stiffness Tuning in Outdoor Use

S. -H. Byun+, J. H. Yun+, S. -Y. Heo, C. Shi, G. J. Lee, K. -C. Agno, K, -I, Jang, J. Xiao, Y. M. Song*, and J. -W. Jeong*

Adv. Sci. 9, 2202549 (2022) (JCR 5 %)



147. A Wide Field-of-View Light-Field Camera with Adjustable Multiplicity for Practical Applications 

H. M. Kim+, Y. J. Yoo+, J. M. Lee, Y. M. Song*

Sensors. 22, 3455 (2022)


144. Perovskite.PNG

146. Perovskite microcells fabricated using swelling-induced crack propagation for colored solar windows

W. Lee+, Y. J. Yoo+, J. Park+, J. H. Ko, Y. J. Kim, H. Yun, D. H. Kim*, Y. M. Song*, D. -H. Kim*

Nat. Commun. 13, 1946 (2022) (JCR 6%)



145. Gires-Tournois  immunoassay  platform  for  label-free  bright-field imaging and facile quantification of bioparticles

Y. J. Yoo+, J. H. Ko+, G. J. Lee, J. Kang, M. S. Kim, S. G. Stanciu, H. -H. Jeong, D. -H. Kim*, Y. M. Song*

Adv. Mater. 34, 2110003 (2022) (JCR 3%)



144. Editorial for the Topic on Micromachining for Advanced Biological Imaging

Y. J. Yoo+, Y. M. Song*

Micromachines. 13, 474 (2022)


143. Spatially-segmented colored radiative cooler with.png

143. Spatially-segmented colored radiative cooler with angle-robustness

D. H. Seo+, S. -Y. Heo, D. H. Kim, Y. M. Song*, G. J. Lee*

IEEE Photonics J. 14, 0618006 (2022)



142. Disordered nanoparticle-based etalon for ultrafast humidity responsive colorimetric sensors and anti-counterfeiting displays

C. Jung+, S. -J. Kim+, J. Jang+, J. H. Ko, D. Kim, B. Ko, Y. M. Song, S. -H. Hong*, J. Rho*

Sci. Adv. 8, eabm8598 (2022) (JCR 7%)




141. Revisiting silk: a lens-free optical physical unclonable function

M. S. Kim+, G. J. Lee+, J. W. Leem, S. Choi, YL. Kim*, Y. M. Song*

Nat. Commun. 13, 247 (2022) (JCR 6%)




140. Single-Material, Near-Infrared Selective Absorber Based on Refractive Index-Tunable Tamm Plasmon Structure

S. H. Kim+, J. H. Ko+,  Y. J. Yoo, M. S. Kim, G. J. Lee, S. Ishii, Y. M. Song*

Adv. Opt. Mater. 10, 2102388 (2022) (JCR 8%)



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