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Advanced optoelectronic devices/systems


Figure (left) Insect’s eye cameras with extremely wide field of view, (center) Bendable micro-LED arrays, (right) Bio-degradable transient electronic devices

Insect’s eye camera that we made by mimicking the natural insect’s eye is one of the examples for advanced optoelectronic systems. We will continue similar approaches to develop other interesting optoelectronic devices/systems that show unique characteristics. ‘Beyond biology’ is our vision for designing such systems. Convergence of well-matured optical communication systems and recently developed flexible/stretchable techniques will generate new type of optical communications not only in computer/network systems but also in bio-integrated electronic systems and compact, multi-layered data link systems. We will develop and establish advanced optoelectronic components for this emerging field. Traditional use of optical coupler that contains LEDs and PDs in electronic systems is for isolating the electrical signals. On the other hand, we will translate this configuration to extremely stretchable electronic systems by using directional micro-LEDs and high-sensitive micro-PDs. We will solve problems for this system, some of which are directionality, efficient heat dissipation and packing density.

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