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Dear all,

This is Young Min Song, who is in charge of this Optoelectronics class this semester.

As you know, due to the COVID-19 issues, our institute decided to have an ‘online class’ for all lectures. There are many different types of online class, and among them, I am planning to use ZOOM program for real-time lecture. For the lecture access, you can use the below link and password. conference ID: 445 651 0506 Password: 2655

The above link will be open at 9AM (usually 8:55AM) on Monday and Wednesday except for holiday. During the ZOOM lecture, all you guys should ‘TURN ON the camera’ and ‘TURN OFF the microphone’. You can turn on the microphone when you have a questions/comments.

I will check the attendance of the students at ~9:05AM.

In addition, I am going to upload my lecture slide on my group website. ( Click the ‘lecture’ icon and find ‘Optoelectronics 2020’. Password is ‘opto2020’. If there are some problems in the website, I will send you email for notification.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Young Min Song

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