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Amphibious Camera with Panoramic Vision

Inspired by the compound eyes of the fiddler crab in nature, we have developed a novel panoramic and amphibious imaging device by integrating a flat and graded-refractive-index micro-lens array with a comb-shape silicon photodiode array.


163. Recent progress in thermal management for flexible/wearable devices

Soft Science 3, 12 (2023)


162. Polarization-mediated multi-state infrared system for fine temperature regulation

APL Photonics, 8, 030801 (2023)


161. Cuttlefish-eye-inspired artificial vision for high-quality imaging under uneven illumination conditions

Sci. Robot. 8, eade4698 (2023)  (JCR 2%)

강연_슬램d_송영민_전기없이 시원할 수 있다면?

강연_슬램d_송영민_전기없이 시원할 수 있다면?

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