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169. Outdoor Worker Stress Monitoring Electronics with Nanofabric Radiative Cooler-Based Thermal Management

H. Kim, Y. J. Yoo, J. H. Yun, S. -Y. Heo, Y. M. Song, W. -H. Yeo

Adv. Healthcare Mater. 2301104 (2023)



168. Evolution of natural eyes and biomimetic imaging devices for effective image acquisition

M. S. Kim+, J. -E. Yeo+, H. S. Choi, S. H. Chang, D. -H. Kim*, Y. M. Song*

J. Mater. Chem. C (2023)



167. Toward next-generation endoscopes integrating biomimetic video systems, nonlinear optical microscopy, and deep learning

G. S. Stefan, K. Konig, Y. M. Song, W. Lior, A. C. Costas, B. Paolo, G. Martin

Biophysics Rev. 4, 021307 (2023)



166. Compact-porous hole-transport-layer for highly efficient near-infrared region transparent perovskite solar cells for tandem applications

B. Tyagi, N. Kumar, H. B. Lee, Y. M. Song, S. Y. Cho, J. -S. Lee, J. W. Kang

Journal of Alloys and Compound 960, 170970 (2023)



165. Multidimensional structural coloration from hierarchically designed
plasmonic structures

Y. -J. Lee, J. S. Yu, Y. -S Kim, Y. M. Song**, S. -K. Kim*

Curr. Appl. Phys. 51, 22-28 (2023) 



164. Dual-infinite coordination polymer-engineered nanomedicines for dual-ion interference-mediated oxidative stress-dependent tumor suppression

J. Yao, J. Xing, F. Zheng, Z. Li, S. Li, X. Xu, D. Unay, Y. M. Song, F. Yang*, A. Wu*

Mater. Horiz. 10, 2109 (2023)



163. Recent progress in thermal management for flexible/wearable devices

J. H. Yun, Y. J. Yoo, H. R. Kim, and Y. M. Song* 

Soft Sci 3, 12 (2023) 



162. Polarization-mediated multi-state infrared system for fine temperature regulation

D. H. Kim, S. -Y. Heo, Y. -W. Oh, S. H. Jung, M. H. Kang, I. -S, Kang, G. J. Lee, and Y. M. Song

APL Photon. 8, 030801 (2023) 



161. Cuttlefish-eye-inspired artificial vision for high-quality imaging under uneven illumination conditions

M. Kim+, S. Chang+, M. Kim+, J. -E. Yeo, M. S. Kim, G. J. Lee*, D. -H. Kim*, and Y. M. Song*

Sci. Robot. 8, eade4698 (2023)  (JCR 2%)



160. Zebra-inspired stretchable, biodegradable radiation modulator for all-day sustainable energy harvester

Y. B. Han+, S. -Y. Heo+, D. Kim+, S. M. Yang, G. -J. Ko, G. J. Lee, D. -J. Kim, K. Rajaram, J. H. Lee, J. -W. Shin, T. -M. Jang, S. Han, H. Kang, J. H. Lim, D. H. Kim, S. H. Kim, Y. M. Song*, and S. -W. Hwang*

Sci. Adv. 9, eadf5883 (2023)  (JCR 5%)


159. nanomaterials-13-00319-v2.png

159. Trilayered Gires–Tournois Resonator with Ultrasensitive Slow-Light Condition for Colorimetric Detection of Bioparticles

J. Kang+, Y. J. Yoo+, J. H. Ko, A. A. Mahmud, and Y. M. Song*

Nanomaterials 13, 319 (2023)



158. Polarization-driven thermal emission regulator based on self-aligned GST nanocolumns

J. H. Ko+, D. H. Kim+, S-. H. Hong, S-. K. Kim*, and Y. M. Song*

iScience 26, 105780 (2023)


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