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164. Multidimensional structural coloration from hierarchically designed
plasmonic structures

Y-.J. Lee, J. S. Yu, Y-. S Kim, Y. M. Song**, S-. K. Kim*

Curr. Appl. Phys. 51, 22-28 (2023) 



163. Recent progress in thermal management for flexible/wearable devices

J. H. Yun*, Y. J. Yoo*, H. R. Kim, and Y. M. Song 

Soft Sci 3, 12 (2023) 



162. Polarization-mediated multi-state infrared system for fine temperature regulation

D. H. Kim, S. -Y. Heo, Y. -W. Oh, S. J. Jung, M. H. Kang, I. -S, Kang, G. J. Lee, and Y. M. Song

APL Photonics 8, 030801 (2023) 



161. Cuttlefish-eye-inspired artificial vision for high-quality imaging under uneven illumination conditions

M. Kim+, S. Chang+, M. Kim+, J. -E. Yeo, M. S. Kim, G. J. Lee*, D. -H. Kim*, and Y. M. Song*

Sci. Robot. 8, eade4698 (2023)  (JCR 2%)



160. Zebra-inspired stretchable, biodegradable radiation modulator for all-day sustainable energy harvester

Y. B. Han+, S. -Y. Heo+, D. Kim+, S. M. Yang, G. -J. Ko, G. J. Lee, D. -J. Kim, K. Rajaram, J. H. Lee, J. -W. Shin, T. -M. Jang, S. Han, H. Kang, J. H. Lim, D. H. Kim, S. H. Kim, Y. M. Song*, and S. -W. Hwang*

Sci. Adv. 9, eadf5883 (2023)  (JCR 5%)


159. nanomaterials-13-00319-v2.png

159. Trilayered Gires–Tournois Resonator with Ultrasensitive Slow-Light Condition for Colorimetric Detection of Bioparticles

J. Kang+, Y. J. Yoo+, J. H. Ko, A. A. Mahmud, and Y. M. Song*

Nanomaterials 13, 319 (2023)



158. Polarization-driven thermal emission regulator based on self-aligned GST nanocolumns

J. H. Ko+, D. H. Kim+, S-. H. Hong, S-. K. Kim*, and Y. M. Song*

iScience 26, 105780 (2023)


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